"Thirty Years of Dedication to Olympism and the San Francisco Bay Area"

2016 marks BASOC's 30th Anniversary, so it is appropriate to take note of our history as we review the activities of this past year. We can be very proud of our longstanding allegiance to the goals, tenets, values and aspirations of the Olympic Movement. We have remained true to our ultimate goal of hosting an Olympic Games by promoting amateur sports, youth fitness, lifetime wellness and major national and international sporting events. We have operated with integrity and transparency, with never a hint of financial or operational controversy. And we have much to look forward to; the best is yet to come.

The San Francisco Bay Area Sports Organizing Committee (BASOC) – founded in 1985 – is dedicated to advancing the goals and values of amateur sport and the Olympic Movement. BASOC does this by bidding for, delivering and managing major international and national sporting events for the San Francisco Bay Area, with the ultimate goal of bringing the Olympic Games to the San Francisco Bay Area.

BASOC partners with the Northern California Olympians and Paralympians Alumni Chapter to promote Olympic ideals and Olympism, and is one of the United States Olympic Committee's eight founding Community Partners.

BASOC depends on the support of individuals and corporations to fund BASOC's mission, with corporate, community and individual contributions and by producing fundraising events such as the annual BASOC Celebrity Golf Classic, BASOC's Olympic Night at the San Francisco Giants and the Welcome Home Olympians and Paralympians Dinner, held each quadrennial to celebrate the achievements of the region's Olympians and Paralympians.

  • BASOC continues to bring International, National and Regional sporting events to the San Francisco Bay Area, with the ultimate goal of hosting the Olympic and Paralympic Games.
  • BASOC continues outreach programs to share the ideals and values of Olympism with Bay Area youth in partnership with the Northern California Olympians and Paralympians Association.
  • BASOC supports the development of new sporting facilities and venues in the San Francisco Bay Area – from world-class arenas to youth and community playing fields.

A non-profit 501 (c-3) organization, BASOC believes that the San Francisco Bay Area is the best place for sports and athletes. World-class facilities, enthusiastic audiences, a dynamic economy, beautiful scenery and a perfect climate allow the Bay Area to host preeminent sporting events and to offer ideal training conditions for athletes in every sport.

BASOC provided successful leadership, support and management for the 1994 World Cup, the 1999 Women's World Cup, the 2006 FINA World Masters Championships, the 2007 Junior World Table Tennis Championships, the 2008 United States Olympians and Paralympians Reunion, the 2009 Summer National Senior Games, the 2011 USA Swimming National and Junior National Championships, the 2014 Men's Foil Fencing World Cup, the annual Bay Area Senior Games, now in its 10th year, and the festivities for the 40th Anniversary of Ping Pong Diplomacy, with United States and Chinese Olympians.

In keeping with BASOC's mission, BASOC submitted Bids for the 1996, 2012, 2016 and 2024 Olympic and Paralympic Games. With the USOC's choice of Los Angeles as the 2024 US Candidate City, we will support all efforts to bring the Games home to the US, to California – and we expect some venues to be here in the San Francisco Bay Area as they were in the very memorable 1984 Games.

Here is how you can help:

  1. Make a Year End contribution, any time from December 5 to December 31 - our goal is $50K. A portion of your donation will match the $6000 in grants awarded to local Olympic and Paralympic hopefuls by our partners, the Northern California Olympians and Paralympians Alumni Chapter.
  2. Attend a signature BASOC 2016 Special Event
    • BASOC's 16th Annual Olympic Night at the San Francisco Giants - $200 September 15th
    • BASOC's 14th Annual Celebrity Golf Classic – July 25, 2016 at Stanford - $2500 foursome
    • 2016 Olympic Games Opening Ceremonies Watch Party for Rio 2016 - $250 (August 5)
    • Welcome Home Olympians and Paralympians Dinner in San Francisco – October 7th- $3000 table
  3. Support the 10th Annual Bay Area Senior Games – this will be our 10th anniversary – become the Presenting Sponsor of the Games ($25,000) or sponsor a sport ($1,000 per sport – with 20 sports available)
  4. Support the Local Organizing Committee of the 2018 Rugby Sevens World Cup ($1000 per year) awarded to the San Francisco Bay Area in 2015, with BASOC serving as the leader of the Local Organizing Committee.

In addition, our 2016 plans include:

  • Seek new BASOC board members (we meet every other month in San Francisco)
  • Host "The Mayor's Challenge" a Table Tennis celebration and competition
  • Assist the San Jose Sports Authority as they host the United States Women's Gymnastic Olympic Trials
  • Create another inspirational Olympic Day on June 23 to celebrate Olympic and Paralympic Sports and introduce Bay Area Youth to the variety of Olympic and Paralympic sports
  • Begin to raise funds to study upgrades and renovations to an historic Bay Area venue
  • Help to publicize and upgrade sporting facilities in San Francisco and the region.
  • Support PRO Rugby – San Francisco's newest team, set to open at Boxer Stadium in the Spring
  • Work with NBC to host an Opening Ceremonies Watch Party and cheer for Olympians and Paralympians on their Road to Rio
  • End the year with our traditional Welcome Home Olympians Dinner in San Francisco

And starting January 2016, we will provide leadership for the 2018 Rugby World Cup Sevens awarded to the San Francisco Bay Area to be held at our exceptional venues – AVAYA and AT&T Park.

Thank you for your ongoing support and membership in BASOC. With your help we will continue to inspire athletes and residents of all ages to live more healthy lives through exercise and diet. And we will seek to instill in our youngsters the life lessons learned in sport and competition – teamwork, self respect, mutual respect, fair play, discipline and setting goals. Your renewal membership form is enclosed.

To quote the Olympic Charter, in our 30styear of existence, we renew our dedication to promoting a better and more peaceful world through sport.

In the Olympic Spirit,

Anne Warner Cribbs
BASOC President & CEO
Olympian – 1960

George Broder
Kristin Kasper Glickman
Alan Elias
Greg Massialas
Helen Mendel
Michael Sharf
Bill Schlough
Rob Weikert

September 23 - December 2, 2018
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