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BASOC: San Francisco 2012 Olympics Bid
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"I didn't win this gold medal by myself."

"It belongs to everyone who helped me along the way - the entire community. I would like nothing more than to help our children win gold medals at the 2012 Olympic Games, and that's why I'm working hard to bring the Olympic Games to the Bay Area in 2012. Please join us!"

    - Brandi Chastain
    U.S. Olympian, WUSA Bay Area Cyberrays

San Francisco 2012’s bid has benefited from the help of over 3,000 volunteers thus far. From working on the original bid submission in 2000 to offering ongoing advice and assistance in a variety of professional fields, our supporters have worked together to achieve one common goal: to bring the 2012 Olympic Games to the San Francisco Bay Area!

Join In: Become a BASOC Volunteer

Upon signing-up to get involved (below), new volunteers will be added to the San Francisco 2012 secure database and will receive:

The BASOC e-News, a monthly newsletter that updates supporters on the progress of the bid and features regular Olympian interviews, event recaps, and alerts about upcoming activities.

Volunteer e-mails on a weekly basis that detail ways to get involved with our bid efforts. Regular volunteer opportunities include:

Helping at the San Francisco 2012 offices in Palo Alto or San Francisco. Tasks range from answering phones and assisting with administrative matters to working on ongoing office projects.

Becoming involved with Training for 2012, San Francisco 2012’s youth program. Training for 2012 is BASOC’s commitment to encouraging Bay Area youth to be physically active, while educating and inspiring them about the Olympic Games and their founding ideals. Volunteer opportunities include acting as a liaison between San Francisco 2012 and a participating youth organization, or encouraging local schools and community centers to incorporate Training for 2012 into their curriculums.

Offering writing or editing assistance for our monthly newsletter, the BASOC e-News, or our website,

Working San Francisco 2012 informational booths at events throughout the Bay Area. Events include professional sports games and regional-, national-, and international-level competitions in the full spectrum of Olympic sports. Distributing informational materials and answering questions about our Olympic bid increases support and awareness in the Bay Area sporting community.

Assisting with the Bridge Builder program to increase the range of our commemorative pin initiative and number of Bay Area Bridge Builders.

Using your skill-set on specific or ongoing projects relying upon finance, marketing, graphic design, information technology and event preparations experience.

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