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BASOC: San Francisco 2012 Olympics Bid
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Training for 2012

"The goal of the Olympic Movement is to contribute to building a peaceful and better world by educating youth through sport."

    -Olympic Charter

The Legacy Begins Today
BASOC believes that during the process of bidding for the Olympic Games, there must be an immediate benefit to our community. BASOC is committed to sharing the values, ideals and excitement of the Games with young people today.

In this spirit of community and contributing to youth development, BASOC has created Training for 2012, a youth development program for Bay Area schools, community centers and other youth organizations that features Olympic-based educational materials and visits by Olympic athletes.

By reaching out to Bay Area children today, BASOC is educating the next generation of Olympic athletes and fans in preparation for, we hope, the 2012 Olympic Games in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Program Materials
The Training for 2012 program materials include a broad spectrum of activities designed to increase understanding of the Olympic Games. The program:

  • Emphasizes the importance of physical activity to children while educating them about the Olympic Movement and its ideals.
  • Gathers the most important lessons learned by Olympians and makes them available to young people.
  • Gives youth the inspiration and skills needed to envision, plan and achieve success in their lives.

The framework being used to organize the program materials was created by Northern Californian Olympians based on research in the field of exceptional human performance. Marilyn King, an Olympic athlete and educator, is the primary educational contributor.

Core Program Materials
The core program materials are divided into four sections:

  1. Olympic Knowledge:
    Knowledge-based exercises serve to increase childrenís understanding of the Olympics while reinforcing Olympic values.

  2. Olympic Values:
    Twelve values, traits and characteristics are listed, each with an associated inspirational story from an Olympic athlete.

  3. Olympic Activities:
    Physical activities that exemplify Olympic values.

  4. Life Skills:
    By working through these materials, children may discover what they want to be, envision the skills they need to excel in that field and develop an action plan to reach their goals.

Full program materials are available here, click to download (972 K)

Please note unless otherwise indicated and to the extent permitted by law, Copyright
© 2002, San Francisco Bay Area Sports Organizing Committee ("BASOC"). All rights reserved.

These materials, or any part thereof, cannot be reproduced without the express
written permission of BASOC and, where applicable, any other copyright owner.
To obtain your own free binder of program materials please contact the Training for
Director, Kristin Kasper.

Olympian Role Models
In addition to providing the printed Training for 2012 materials, BASOC is happy
to arrange for Olympic athletes to visit and speak at community centers and schools
throughout the Bay Area, either in conjunction with the use of the materials or

Local Olympians will emphasize Olympic values, discuss their own Olympic experiences and, if applicable, demonstrate their sport. For more information or to arrange for an Olympic guest speaker, please contact Training for 2012 Director, Kristin Kasper.

Up and Running
Training for 2012 is already up-and-running in Bay Area community centers, schools, after-school programs and youth organizations and has reached over 3,000 youth with the Olympic spirit.

BASOC intends to expand this program to encompass the entire Bay Area. If you think
that your school, community center or youth organization would benefit from Training
for 2012
, please contact:

Kristin Kasper
Director of Training for 2012